Spring & Fall: Diet And Detox


Truly miraculous that homeopathic medicines are so effective

It is good to think ahead to our spring and fall for the best times to do a detoxification of the body. Everyone can benefit from a general detoxification of the system, generally twice a year in the spring and fall. These times of springtime rejuvenation in nature and of preparation for heavier weather in the fall are nicely timed with nature. Most of the diseases that plague us from chronic low immune systems to arthritis, not to mention the obvious bowel disorders and rise in bowel cancer, are related to toxic bowel syndrome and benefit greatly from systemic detoxification. Periodically, the organs of digestion such as the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines, need rest and replenishment. I have a few suggestions for the method to use to do this. For length of time, think in terms of two months for this diet.

  1. Fluids: Drink plenty of pure water to flush toxins from the system and to ensure proper hydration. (Drink as much as you can and carry a bottle of water with you at all times right now) Remember also that to break down fats chemically, water is needed in large quantities.

  2. Eat foods that are genuine and not tampered with such as brown rice, oats, millet, quinoa and spelt, cooked and raw vegetables, real fruit and vegetable juices that ideally you prepare yourself with a juicer.

  3. Cut out red meat and fatty meats such as pork. They are very hard to digest and will not be welcome at this time. Look at this time to explore a vegetarian diet to ease digestion. Eat plenty of fish and smaller amounts of chicken if you must have some protein in this form. Otherwise, protein can be provided with beans, lentils or tofu.

  4. Restrict refined sugars drastically. They feed candida in the bowel. Examples are all cakes, cookies, sugar itself, white breads, white flours.

  5. Use psyllium husks in their powdered and natural forms in the daily diet. Use about one to two tablespoons in liquid about 30 minutes before meals to cleanse and scrape the bowel.

  6. Get a good herbal or homeopathic organ cleanse to target liver, colon and pancreas and lymph.

  7. Get plenty of exercise to increase metabolism and aid in this process. Even regular walking outside (daily) at a quick pace is the best for those not used to exercise.

  8. For this period of time, take a good digestive enzyme preparation. These will temporarily rest the stomach, liver, pancreas and colon and aid digestion while detoxifying.

  9. Practice food combining to improve digestion. Proteins digest best with salads and vegetables and starches digest best with salads and veggies. Proteins and starches do not do well together. I.E., the typical "English meat and potatoes diet". Fruit does best by itself, away from other food groups.

Treat the body well internally as well as externally and you will notice the distinct benefits.

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