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I have moved my office on Hurontario Street to my home in Mississauga. After several years at that location, with my husband retiring from the Law Practice he's had for 40 years, we have both moved our offices home. I will continue to see patients here and as I did several years ago in my other home office. I continue to be intrigued by homeopathy, by its ability to heal even imponderables. And so I will continue to be at your service for as long as I can. Hope to see you and thank you to my loyal clients. I appreciate you all.

It has been a particulary bad flu season this year. If you are suffering even the residual effects of the flu, please come by and see me. There are several flu medicines in homeopathy and these can be put to good use to clear up symptoms. Have your blood checked regularly with your family doctor to make sure you are ok re Thyroid, anemia and cholesterol problems. These can go undetected unless we get regular check-ups. If any of these conditions are out of range, please contact me for treatment. Homeopathy is very good for organ drainage including liver, endocrine glands and other areas such as sinus problems, weight problems etc. If you wonder if homeopathy can help with your health problems, give me a call and we can discuss options.

Welcome to the New Year with the deep breath of new beginnings. So let's all dive in with optimism for the best year we can have. If you need help with health or mental/emotional issues, I am here to assist. Life will go on without us so if you are in it, give it your best. When the doldrums hit as they inevitably will, do something to pamper yourself. Guilt free give back for all our bodies and minds deal with. Read good books, listen to music, eat wholesome foods, sleep as much as you need and let your body do the rest. We forget how good it is at healing itself. All we need to help it out are the basics, good choices and homeopathy.

For all of the mothers out there who are trying to give their children natural medicines wherever possible, I have just the book to make that easier....Homeopathy: A Manual For Mothers. It is on my website and is the perfect way to upgrade your knowledge of what and when to use in case of acute, temporary problems in your child. For the chronic problems, best to see a qualified homeopath, but I know several moms who do well on their own for those sudden things that come up this time of year. Again, a caution to well-meaning moms, if you don't have luck after a few doses of remedies, please bring your little ones by my office. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year from my new office. Much gratitude for your patronage over the years.

Whenever homeopaths are treating acute illnesses such as colds/flu, ear infections, sore throats etc, they will need to differentiate specifics as to all symptoms being experienced including mental/emotional, concomitant symptoms such as diarrhea with a sore throat, lack of or increase in thirst etc. These details while a bit tedious are necessary to find just the right medication for each individual patient. Even in colds etc, we tend to be different. Some hate the heat, some love it; some are fidgety, others lethargic. Homeopaths treat all of these ailments, so the next time you are ill, try this form of treatment before resorting to automatic taking of antibiotics. Our guts are suffering from the overuse of these meds. Homeopathy works quickly, often within one to three days for improvements. No need to keep taking meds for weeks. Try this, you will be pleased.

Whenever someone is being treated with homeopathic medicines, there may be a temporary sign of the body releasing something. For example, a skin rash, a sore throat, diarrhea. It is important to know that these symptoms are very temporary and never should be treated with antibiotics from your doctor. Simply inform the homeopath treating you that this has occurred and you will be advised how to proceed. It seems that patients sometimes think that the homeopath does not treat acute illnesses which is totally wrong. If a child develops an earache etc during treatment, contact your homeopath and you will be told to wait, stop the med, or advise you to give another complementary med to deal with it. Too many cases have been complicated by intermittent taking of antibiotics, not to mention the unnecessary disruption of gut health. Always inform your treating homeopath of anything you notice during treatment.

There are various natural ways to help with general nervousness and problems sleeping whether from overindulging or from general stress. Passiaflora and Aveena sativa are two tinctures that when taken in the evening are very calming and restorative for the general stress we are all prone to suffer from. Similarly, other tinctures can help with weight loss such as the natural iodine in fucus vesiculosis, the drainage properties of phytolacca berry and the natural weight loss properties in Garcinia. Often we can use up to four tinctures in one mixture at a time. These are usually taken anywhere from 30-50 drops in water once or twice daily. I have all of these in the clinic. It's wise to ask for help when these stresses take their toll on us, as most of us just buck up and take it. I am happy to offer these options to my clients rather than taking the addictive pills with side-effects that conventional medicine offers. Of course, backed up with whatever homeopathic medicine is indicated, and we are covering all the bases. Enjoy the summer at last!

I have noticed that some people are taking homeopathics or giving them to children daily for months or even years at a time. This is not good practice on many levels. Nothing in homeopathy is meant to be taken forever. There are spin offs of this, one being that you begin to "prove" the remedy ie develop symptoms that the remedy treats but that you have never had before. This mixes up the body and can cause long term repercussions. This form of medicine is meant to be taken only temporarily to relieve symptoms. It is not to be given as a preventative on an ongoing basis. This practice makes it more difficult for the homeopath who first has to antidote the long term effects of these meds before prescribing on the remaining symptoms. Please be careful with this practice, albeit meant with the best intentions. Visit your local homeopath for concerns and please don't experiment with these meds just to see what happens.

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